Boulder, Firepack leader

Boulder was a strong, muscular, wise, broad-shouldered, natural leader. He was a Red-fox. Reynard is the male fox name.

Boulders Secret Dream

Boulder was the Firepack leader when Hobbes came into the forest. He once had a dream about the clever tiger striped cat in the Prologue. Boulder knew all along that Hobbes was destined to defeat Blackbones , but after Graystripe killed him, Hobbes was destined to defeat Graystripe and save the Packs.

Boulders closest friendsEdit

He was always close to Leafshine and Longtail. He never had a mate or cubs. But he treated the Pack as his own kin so he never felt lonely. Brackenfur, his brother he was never close to him but named him Chief.

Boulders loyaltyEdit

He was always loyal as far as his Packmates know, but he did his share of bad deeds also. Nobody exactly knows exactly why Owl Mountain became Owlpass. But it was Boulders fault the mountain turned to two parralel ridges 

Boulders pastEdit

Boulder's Pack Protector  name was Rocksmash  when he was Chief  his name was the same. As for Apprentice  and Cub  he was Pebble . Boulder used to like Windy , the Skypack leader. He loved her but knew the forbidden love could not go on.